“Emily . . .” softly.

Then he sliced her.





1: Sternocleidomastoideus

2: Glandula submandibularis

3: Glandula thyreoeidea

<Ref# Qxg5221546z7a1j72DDb332r45p7m9>




They watched the entire horror of the mad anatomy lesson.




1: Sternum

2: Plica umbilicalis medialis

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A film came over her eyes…her breath husked out in wheezing, pleading tremors





1: Vesica urinaria

2: Vagina

3: Mesenterium dorsale commune

<Ref# Hgqt278m17K591981Ar15e197l9>


A psychopath, a butcher, a lecher, a hypocrite, a clown.