What the hell is the purpose of this page, you ask?:

Well, I put this page on the server on a whim and I have no idea what I'm doing. It probably shows, but I don't actually know HTML, but I'll fake it (just for you!) For those of you who may actually have some interest, I’m avoiding any real programming by doing this in Microsoft Word 2000 (as much as I hate Microsoft, it’s so damn easy to play with website in it!) I know that this page really sucks right now and looks like every other bad site by lazy college students, but just take my word for it when I say that I’m going to try very hard to make it somewhat decent sometime in the near future… Until then, enjoy what little I offer here! Hmm, now I'm playing with Dreamweaver...wish me luck!

Here he is: the official mascot of my web page!



If your curious about your humble narrator and maybe even some of the people who live in his little hall in Goldberg, click here.

Sweet: Some Links! Boy, I sure am good at this HTML programmin'! (Damn, this page reeks of uncreative college student…)

Ø      SIVA - A really cool Smashing Pumpkins site

Ø      Netphoria - Another great Pumpkins site

Ø      Penn Ballroom Dance Team

Ø      The Digital Bits - DVD News and Reviews

Write me to tell me how much this page sucks right now (luckily I’m so desperate for mail I’ll embrace anything!) at marcberz@seas.upenn.edu

Wow, this page was last updated on 2/24/2000 some time in the late night when work should have been done instead... Go Figure...

I don’t have a counter here to show how many people have visited… pick a random number between 1 and 5 and that’ll probably be pretty accurate!