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March 16, 2004

I am the Mole
Okay, I just added my Best of Television picks into my Best of 2003 page, but I just have to call to your attention that Celebrity Mole: Hawaii is starting over again TONIGHT on GSN (Game Show Network to those of you not down with their new branding). GSN is attempting to diversify their lineup with reality shows, gambling, and video games and adding Celebrity Mole is just a start. I can't stress enough how great a show Mole is (again, read my comments in Best of 2003). It's often ignored by people who rely on Survivor for their reality game show fix, but it can stand among the best. It's a short series, so leap on in and you won't be disappointed. This also hopefully means that we'll be getting repeats of the first two Mole installments (non-celebrity)--if so, I cannot WAIT for those. Enjoy!