"His voice betrayed a craving for terrible things." -- Don DeLillo

"Shadows present, foreshadowing deeper shadows to come." -- Herman Melville

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2007: Museum of Bad Album Covers, The Bad Cinema Diary, The Office: "Traveling Salesmen" and the writing teams, The Virtual Console: Super Star Soldier and Ice Hockey, The Office: new castmembers and JAM thoughts, LOST: IGN interview with Damon, Chase Utley is sticking around Philadelphia for a long time, DirecTV makes me hate my cable service, Virtual Console: ownership questions, Manhunt 2, I dream about The Office, LOST ramblings, trailers, YouTube clips, The Office: the drought is finally over, Battles, Matthew Good, Madden NFL 08, Bioshock, Lair, Stranglehold/Hard Boiled and the Blu-ray/HD-DVD format war, Nike Football ad, John Mellencamp makes me ill, Bioshock update, Halo 3, Stranglehold update, My Final Word On The 2007 Phillies, My Office YouTube clip is removed!

2006 Part Two: I love Chase Utley, The Office: Season Three premiere and YouTube clips, Britney vs. K-Fed, Celebrity Sex Tapes That Would Break The Internet, Guitar Hero 2, Election Day, The Office: we need longer episodes, Cartman and I need the Wii, Saturday Night Live still sucks, The Pursuit of Happyness vs. the English language, The Angry Nintendo Nerd.

2006 Part One: Debut of Shadowbloom domain name, South Park vs. Scientology, Palau vs. Pennsylvania, New York vs. Everyone, Bill Gates, RIP Peter Tomarken, Ryan vs. Dorkman, Baseball: 2006 season predictions, Tool vs. music pirates, The Office: "Drug Testing," Project Runway, Life on Mars.

2005: The "Ironic" Redemption, Sight and Sound Top Ten Poll 2002 web site, Chyna and X-Pac sex tape, FEMA director Michael Brown as The Office's Dwight and Gareth, The Eagles blow yet another big game.

2004 Part Two: Dooming Bush to the Madden Curse, Paul Krugman vs. Bill O'Reilly, Jerry Falwell's Christian law school, Brit Hume likes footnotes and misinformation, John O'Hurley IS J. Peterman, John Kerry endorsement, Election Day, Baseball: 2004 season wrap-up, FCC and indecency, CDs with DVDs included, Jenna Lewis sex tape, Blockbuster ends late fees and screws its customers, Baseball: Johan wins the Cy Young and the Mets are stupid.

2004 Part One: [Basic updates until July], Muhammad Ali and Fantasia at the MLB All-Star game, Mr. Six and Mr. Wendy, VH1's I Love The... shows, Billy Corgan and the "Dirty Alternative Rockers" of 1996, Beyond Good and Evil, Baseball: second half predictions, The Ken Jennings Dynasty, cigarette companies should cure lung cancer, Alan Moore in Salon, Baseball: I love Johan Santana, Gillette ads and the razor wars, Britney's pre-nup and continuing freefall, Baseball: Phillies bitching and more Johan love, Americans vs. carbs, The Simpsons and soccer, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Error, BlackOPS: HackAttack Challenge 2004, Baseball: trade deadline breakdown and more of my Johan obsession.

2003: First few updates for site's launch.