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The Beginning -- 2003 Updates

March 25, 2003

And...at the end of an amazing fit of inspiration, my web site has been REBORN!

Hopefully, over the next few weeks, every part of the new site should be up and running. I've attempted to make the site very easy to read and navigate. I don't have enough content to justify a flashy (or Flash-y) style and I won't use pretty pictures and technical complexity to hide this fact. I have no idea who will be visiting this page, but enjoy and feel free to email me (marc@shadowbloom.com) with any complaints, suggestions, or lavish praise.

My main goal right now is to get the Cannes site created and to start updating my Movies and Journal pages semi-regularly. We'll see how this goes. I'm hoping for the best, though, since this is the farthest I've come with my web site in literally years. Woohoo!

March 26, 2003

Continuing this streak of productivity, the first three days of my Cannes Diary are now online, complete with pictures! More to come soon, but need sleep first...sleep...

March 26-27, 2003

At long last, the Cannes Diary is now complete! Every entry is up, including a new conclusion and a great deal of pictures in case you don't want to read. This was one of the big hurdles in getting my web page finished, so now it should just be a matter of getting content up on the other pages. I'd write more, but it's really, really late and class will be coming so soon now. Damn late nights staring at HTML...

In the meantime, everyone should just start listening to more Matt Good (www.matthewgood.org). Makes my world a happy place and it will do the same for you.

April 20, 2003

A few weeks have passed, but the next section of my web site is up! The Movies site is online and features reviews of the eleven films I saw in the just-finished Philadelphia Film Festival. Go and read... Much, much more to come, naturally. Some future plans include reviews of the Jackass and Rules of Attraction DVDs (two quality DVDs for two great movies) and possibly some random nothingness on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind-Waker and the ongoing state of my beloved Phillies. Check out the new logo for the site...cleaner now that it's just an image file, but still in the same state of transition that this whole site will perpetually be in. Let's hear it for disarray! (and sleep!) See you again in hopefully less than a few weeks...

May 12, 2003

At long last, each section of the site is now online! Fantastic because dead links leave a bad taste in my mouth. The Journal section has been updated with a review of Matt Good's new album Avalanche, some Manson news, and a nerdboy Star Wars moment. Also, the Projects page is up and all the Archives as well. The next few weeks will be pretty insane for me, but I'm still hoping for a couple updates tossed in between since it'll be much easier with the site up and running. So, go enjoy the site and please email me with your thoughts: marc@shadowbloom.com. Until next time...

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